Bay State Girls Softball


Important Dates Below!!!! Please read carefully.

            Registration Contracts for 2017 season are available. All team managers should get their team contracts from the concession stand.

The dates we will be collecting registrations are as follows:

                                        Monday, July 25th from 6:30 pm to 8 pm

                                        Wed. July 27th, from 6pm to 7:30 pm

                                        Thursday, July 28th, from 6:30pm to 8 pm

                                        Wed., August 3rd, from 6pm to 8pm

                                        Thursday, August 4th, from 6pm to 8pm

           *****NO contracts will be accepted after August 4th to allow us time to get the numbers and prepare for draft.

Manager forms for 2017 season are available.

MANAGERS forms are due by August 4th Division Rep's are asked to remind their division managers to be sure to complete the form regardless if they are returning or not.  Please have them complete it and turn it in to the concession stand....there is an envelope hanging by the back refrigerator near the grill.  IF a manager is resigning from a team due to moving up, they need to show on the form resigning from current position and on the SAME form fill in the request. THIS INCLUDES BLITZ managers

DRAFTS for 2017 season. Draft dates are as follows:

                >>C division; sign in @ 5:30 pm; start at 6 pm on Wed. August 24th  D1

                >>B division; sign in @ 6:00 pm; start at 6:30 pm on Wed. August 24th  D2

                >>AAA division; sign in @ 5:30pm; start at 6pm on Thursday August 25th D1

               >>A division; sign in @ 6:00pm; Start at 6:30 pm on Thursday August 25th D2

Banquet Tickets available as of Monday, 7/25.

Scheduled for Friday, September 9th at Century House.  Tickets will be available prior to playoffs and during registration times and draft. Players in divisions C, B, AAA, A are FREE; adults are $20 per person and children under 12 are $15.  NO TICKETS will be sold at the door.  No tickets will be sold to anyone in C or B that are not accompanied by an adult/guardian as BSGS is cannot babysit and take responsibility of any player not being supervised for that age group.  ANYONE that wants to assist with the banquet, please call or reach out to Dave Hebert as he is in charge of the banquet.

BSGS is securing junior officiators (JO's) for next season. If any players from AAA or A division is interested, contact Dave Hebert at


BSGS is currently accepting registrations for all youth ages.

Please complete a player application with the link to the right. If you have already completed this application, you will be contacted by our player agent when the league sets draft dates. Drafts will be in August.


If you would like an advertising sign or would like to sponsor a team  contact  Dave through e-mail.


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